Our Services

eCORRUGATED was established in Oct 2011 as an independent manufacturer of high volume glued cases, supplying a variety of FEFCO styles.

We have established a reputation for the highest level of customer service, guaranteed timed deliveries and product quality levels that can be relied upon for every order.

We operate at our “AA” accredited BRC/IOP site, three state-of-the-art high speed Emba Casemakers, with capability to print up to 4 colours plus rotary die cutting for complex SRP & Handle Hole designs.

Our capacity is in excess of 500,000 cases per 24hrs from our 24/5 operation.

Our focus is the high volume glued case market with minimum order quantities starting at 3,000 boxes. We ensure that the many benefits of the “Packaging Park” model combined with our ultra-efficient operational model are shared with our customers.

Our products combined with our business model ensure we are an ideal fit for organisations that require highly competitive packaging for sectors such as FMCG, Online Sales and Distributors.

In addition to high volume cases, we offer corrugated sheets/layer pads to complement our offering. You can download our Technical Data sheets to determine our box capabilities and our standards.